The 69 Most Pause-Worthy Lyrics In Hip-Hop History (June 2009)

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Pause (pôz) intj. 1. An interjection used to acknowledge or clarify an unintentional erotic, or homo-erotic, double-entendre. Not to be confused with its popular heterosexual counterpart “That’s What She Said.”

Sure, we’ve all put a foot in our mouth*. It happens, no biggie*. But for some reason, straight rappers—despite all their uber-masculine machismo—seem to be especially prone to slips of the tongue*.

So, for your pleasure* (and ours*), team Complex put our heads together* and dug into the annals* of rap to find the 69* greatest lyrical boners* buried in hip-hop history, retroactively relieving these MCs* from any sensual scrutiny*. For more penetrating* insight, we propositioned* the Twitter sensations known as Pause Police to get behind us* and give us a hand* by issuing stiff* sentences to each MC (Click here to buy Pause Police T-shirts and stickers*, kids!). Read on to find out which rappers are on top*, which ones are on bottom*, and who’s in pole position*. We went hard*, so savor our package!*


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