The Most Racist Moments Of the 2008 Presidential Campaign (October 2008)

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Okay, so check this out—apparently America’s wild racist. Yeah, get this: a half-black dude is running for president (ya mighta missed this ‘Plexers, ’cause it’s non-sneaker related news) and it’s looking like he might actually win, too. So, of course, a really ignorant faction of our nation has been going absolutely apeshit as a result. It’s been all over the boob-tube of late, ’cause the pundits and anchors are, like, totally shocked to discover that there’s this much overt hate in this fine land of ours….Clearly, they don’t get out much.

That said, those of us who’ve been following this contest closely have peeped the pervasive theme of racism from jumpstreet. Of course Obama is the target of most of the insensitivity, but what’s interesting is that both Democrats and Republicans, “liberal” media and FOX News, all manage to put their foot in their mouths.

From subtle race-based slights to an ignorant halfwit at a McCain rally holding an Obama monkey, this election has pulled up the skirt of American political correctness. Frankly, Complex thought guys like that went the way of BetaMax, HD DVD, and women that don’t give head’but apparently, nope. In the, er, race to the bottom we’re, um, (S dot Pal, we got you Ma). In any case, since we’re anticipating even mo’ racism as the election approaches, catch up with our complete round-up, analysis, and rating of all the incendiary moments this presidential race has inspired thus far…

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