Interview With in 3 Parts (12/6/10)

December 12th, 2010 | Ha-Ha! | ncb | 1 Comment

Talkbox Featuring Words That… Spill.

Wanna know the only thing worse than listening to your disembodied voice on the replay of a radio show? It’s watching yourself interviewed on video. Yikes. It’s bad. (Note to self: Never are you to criticize Kanye for apparent discomfort during TV appearances) This is not to say that Alex and Al Lindstrom, the big homies of, didn’t shoot me with the crispiest of lenses and exercise supreme judgment in their question selection and editing choices—I’m just better at typing than I am at talking. In any case, for your viewing pleasure, here’s me talking at you about my humble beginnings, how I learned to love the new media paradigm, and why blogs and magazines must embrace their symbiotic relationship. Enjoy!

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  • William 12.12.2010

    Just now getting around to watching this, and I def enjoyed it. The best point, to me, was comparing print places using their B teams for online, and about how Complex put their best people on the web too. Great piece though, keep up the good work

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