Das Racist – “Swate”

February 2nd, 2011 | Ha-Ha! | ncb | 15 Comments

Das Racist
“Swate” feat. Lakutis
Produced by Mike Finto

I’m a bad person. About 18 months ago a lady-friend tried to talk to me about Das Racist, some ironic new hipster rap outfit she’d just read about in New York Magazine, saying they sounded hi-larious. Being that I spend an almost illegal amount of time thinking about, and talking about rap, I was immediately turned off because a) I didn’t know about them already, b) New York, the most credible voice on hip-hop in media, was lauding them, and c) I really hate irony… and hipsters (though kris ex would be quick tell you, as he does me every time he re-emerges on AIM, that’s just self-hate, spurred by a state of denial.). Anywho… Months later this dude Heems, lead rapper in said ironic hipster rap outfit, responds to some of the dumb stuff I say on twitter, and guess what? He GNR (Got a Noah Rollin’, obvs). So, forced to reconsider my position, I go listen to Das Racist’s latest, Sit Down Man, and discover—what the fuck!—it’s well rapped, well produced and is, in fact, hi-larious. Best of all, it’s a genuinely earnest effort, simply wrapped in a veil of irony. Swaaaaate, NYmag was right, and I was wrong. *shakes fist at sky*

So, in an effort redeem my horrible, pre-judging self, when the guys sent me their latest, “Swate”, asking if I could premiere it here on my portfolio site (arguably the most ironically earnest place it could be launched) I, of course, jumped at the opportunity. The hook is funny, the beat is hot, and Heems comes off on the second verse, as he tends to. Get rich to this, basically. Oh, if you’re more fortunate than I and happen to be in NYC tomorrow, February 3rd, check Das Racist and super rappin’ Danny Brown at Highline. I hear it’s going to be swaaaaaaate.


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